bsvdata.com is a modern platform for data mining and analytics in the era of Bitcoin. We currently provide statistics and visualization of data on bsv blockchain , including blocks, protocols and applications.

Bsvdata aims to make data economics more transparent and more valuable.

In the near future it will build products and services around data computation, storage, sharing and trading. We think Bitcoin is the future of data economics, it will change how users and corporations deal with data, and that’s where our mission lies.

Data Sharing

Our analytics would help people find and compare usage statistics of data standards or protocols, then choose suitable protocol or tools  to build their own app. Also they can build similar products based on existing data(non-encrypted) which was produced through other parties, that's the vision that Craig has emphasized on. Also the shared business data analytics would help companies understand customers and competitors, thus help to make better decisions.

As the design of the bitcoin network, honest economic activities would be incentivized. We can build analytics and evaluation around business based on honest data. It’s a similar approach to Alex ranking or Appannie, but the data would be more real. And we can build services around auditing, tracing for regulation compliance.

Also we’ll build customized data monitoring and analytics services based on shared/non-encrypted onchain data. While the business model of Chainanalysis is around authority regulation and law enforcement due to the illicit market on btc and other crypto coins, our model is based on the publicity and honesty on bsv chain.

Cloud Computing

Form a new generation of logic computing resources, generate a distributed and fractional Data computation market. We can have  applications alive and actively managed by scripts and reactively observed and maintained by smart contract systems alive onchain .

Data Storage

Bitcoin as a data ledger has immutability, publicity, traceability and security, which are important for various economic activities, from business trading contracts, government records to Internet of things… We would provide tools to tracking and analysis these public economic records which are stored onchain.

Data Trading

Traditionally data was isolated and owned by the company. On bsv, the publicity would bring about new models around ownership and exchanges. We may bring about a data trading product that allows users to sell their non-private data to the market, and enable companies to trade and exchange commercial data.