Products build on Bitcoin

Products build on Bitcoin

Social Network & Content Platform

Twetch A twitter-like App where you own your data and earn money for your content.

streamanity A video-sharing platform for creators to monetize their content and let users pay for viewing via Bitcoin sv wallet.

TonicPow An peer-to-peer advertising platform that is more private, more transparent and more efficient.

Powping A social Bitcoin Network similar to Reddit, where topics focus on bitcoin ecosystem.

literatus A multi-lingual blogging platform where authors can publish free or paid content to their audiences.

Baemail Baemail is an cryptographic email service to prioritize value levels of mails by using micropayments of bitcoin.

Relica An photo social network similar to Instagram that allow users generate income from photos.


Non-custodial Bitcoin wallets for payments and gateway to Metanet applications.


HandCash Connect



Enterprise solutions

EHR Data A healthcare platform utilizing Bitcoin that incentivizes patients to share their personal health data with their healthcare providers and other related entities.

unisot A company focusing on supply chain solutions & platform

abendum A triple entry accounting platform for accounting and auditing by securely connecting accounting records to the Bitcoin ledger Blockchain.

seafoodchain SeafoodChain provides supply chain solutions for fish farming and aquaculture industries with a scalable and secure platform for global track and trace on Bitcoin ledger.

E-commerce A website to buy internet cards like Apple gift card using bsv.

bitping Distributed network intelligence for DDoS-hardened enterprise solutions.


Peergame The first regulated casino built on Bitcoin and utilizes non-custodial wallets for customers.

bitboss A blockchain solution for iGaming and online casino industry that brings transparency, security, and efficiency.

Productivity Tools

Notesv A note software that store encrypted information to users to ensure privacy and security.

BitcoinFiles A robust file storage on chain allows users to manage and share files securely.

bitpic Onchain universal Avatar for Metanet users.

SymRe An online tool to create On-Chain short URLs.

codugh A simple, yet powerful API marketplace for developers. Earn money when your API is used.


TDXP TDXP is a market making CFD brokerage that uses Bitcoin sv as its settlement asset.


weathersv A service index and retrieve climate data immutably stored on a bitcoin ledger.

Bitcoin wiki An technical wiki of Bitcoin network maintained by nChain developers.

SatoLearn A brave new way to watch, play, learn, make,and discover the world of Bitcoin.