Bsv Development Tools

Bsv Development Tools


Protocol layer to connect Application with Bitcoin network in human readable structure.

SPV Channels Provides encrypted persistent messaging channels that can integrate offline and direct communications to enabling the direct peer to peer interactions.

mAPI mAPI provides direct realtime interaction with Miners on transaction fee quotes and status.

MatterCloud Easily utilize the Bitcoin SV blockchain for payments, storage, smart contracts, media distribution...

Paymail A collection of protocols for Bitcoin SV wallets that allow for a set of simplified user experiences such as email to be delivered across all wallets in the ecosystem.

TXT - TXT (Transaction Tape) is a portable Bitcoin transaction storage system which lets you store, manage, and share bitcoin transaction bundles with semantic metadata attached.

planaria grid Some Bitcoin api tools developed by planaria group including bitbus, bitfs, bitsocket...

Tokenized Protocol An open source application layer protocol that utilizes the Bitcoin SV network for passing and storing messages released by Tokenized.


Code libraries that abstract a lower level Bitcoin SV complexity away.

BitSV - Python - A Python’s Bitcoin SV library and was designed from the beginning to feel intuitive, be effortless to use, and have readable source code.

Nakasendo SDK - C++ Provides a mix of high-level cryptographic functions underpinned by the nChain IP patent portfolio as well as by the cryptographic primitives.

BSV - JS A javascript library for Bitcoin developed by Moneybutton.

LiBSV - GoLang A GoLang library for development on bitcoin transactions.

Operate A complete toolset to help developers build applications, games and services on top of Bitcoin.

Wallet Integration

Tools to integrate Bitcoin wallets into your app without writing any wallet software.


HandCash Connect



Tokens & Smart contracts

Tools to use or develop tokens on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Run Run is a platform to build apps and tokens on Bitcoin, using interactive objects called jigs. Jigs allow you to build tokens, contracts, interfaces, elections, games, digital pets, and more.

Tokenized A platform provides issuers and users with an easy and safe way to create, manage and trade security or utility tokens using smart contracts. It is also a fully featured Bitcoin wallet.

fabriik A digital assetmarketplace to transform, hold, trade and grow every asset you own.

sCrypt A script language to write smart contracts running on chain, which build upon Bitcoin's Forth-like stack based Script language.

sCrypt IDE An online IDE for sCrypt development and debug.


Application program interfaces to access the blockchain easily.

WhatsOnChain A block explorer only for Bitcoin sv ledger.

Blockchair A widely used block explorer for a variety of Blockchains.

Minercraft A JavaScript library for effortlessly interacting with Bitcoin Miner APIs. A gateway to data stored in a bitcoin transaction for content creators

Dns Name system Decentralized naming and identity for your wallets, websites and smart contracts.

Testing & Debug

Bitcon STN Bitcoin SV Scaling Test Network, an enterprise-grade public test network for production ready applications.

Pew Pew A tool that allows developers fire transactions to Bitcoin Apps for stress testing and debugging.


MetanetICU A Membership Club focused on BitCoin and the Metanet education, development, businesses, legal bodies, Banks and Governments.

planaria A slack group created by _uwriter for discussion of application developments on Bitcoin